Representations Of The West Nordic Isles. Greenland - Iceland - Faroe Islands

Hrsg. von Jan Borm, Joanna Kodzik und Axel E. Walter. Kiel / Hamburg : Wachholtz Verlag 2023 (Eutiner Forschungen 17). 305 Seiten. ISBN 978-3-529-06541-5 23 €


Jan Borm, Joanna Kodzik and Axel E. Walter Introduction VII Martin Krieger Did Dietrich Pinning and Hans Pothorst discover America twenty years before Columbus? 1 Sumarlidi R. Isleifsson Paradise or Devils’ island. Views of Iceland in scholarly works ofthe sixteenth and seventeenth centuries 17 Waclaw Pagorski »Islandia« by Daniel Vetter and the differences between the Polish (1638), Czech (1638?) and German (1640) version 47 Hans Beelen Inhuman humans and very good Greenlanders. Images of Inuit people in Dutch whaling reports ofthe 18th century 71 Joanna Kodzik Representations ofIceland in a religious context: Moravian cultural mobility and their Nordic plan 103 Muriel Brot Kerguelen de Tremarec’s Arctic, between personal experience and bookish sources 129 Jokull Szevarsson From Bishop Gudbrandur to surveyor Gunnlaugsson. The map collection ofthe National and University Library of Iceland 159 Jan Borm »This island so sad and beautiful« -Iceland seen by the French expedition La Recherche in the 1830s -from scientific observation to cultural representation 173 Axel E. Walter »Iceland on the Brain«. Richard Francis Burton’s voyage to Iceland in 1872 and the medial combat for the true representation of Iceland 205 Bergur Djurhuus Hansen Progress or preservation. Two German travel books from the Faroe Islands  249 Ulrike Spring Arctic Air: Tourism, Health and Bacteria on Spitsbergen 269 List ofillustrations 293 Contributors 297 Index 301