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Signatur: Kart A 929.28
Berghaus, Heinrich Karl Wilhelm:
Sailing Directory for the Strait Of LeMaire & round Staatenland to and from Cape Hoorn. Constructed from the surveys Of Captains P.P. King, F.R.S., R. Fitz Roy, and H. Forster, R.B.N., and also from observations, made on board of Ships of the Royal Prussian Mercantile Navy, and of the Hanseatic Marine. By Henry Berghaus Potsdam, 14th June 1841. Drawn and engraved in the office of the School of Geographical Art in Potsdam. - Potsdam: office of the School of Geographical Art 1844. 1 Karte. Stahlstich.
Maßstab: Circa 1:1.000.000
Fußnote: Titel Mitte rechts. - Mit Tiefenangaben. - Mit Fahrtrouten. - Mit 32-teiliger Windrose. - Mit handschriftlichen Korrekturen des Verfassers.
Geographisches Register: Estrecho de Le Maire; Feuerland; Patagonien