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Signatur: Kart A 470.32
Bowen, Emanuel:
A New and Accurate Map of Scandinavia, or the Northern Crowns of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Drawn from the most approv'd Maps and Charts and adjusted by Astronom. Observations By Emanl. Bowen. - [London]: [William Innys] [1747]. 1 Karte. Kupferstich.
(A Complete System of Geography.)
Maßstab: Circa 1:9.700.000
Fußnote: Titelkartusche unten rechts. - Maßstabsleiste (English Miles). - Mit 1 Nebenkarte: A Map of Spitzbergen or Greenland, Iceland and some Part of Groenland &c.. - Mit 3 Wappen. - Aus: A Complete System of Geography.
Geographisches Register: Norwegen; Schweden; Skandinavien; Europäisches Nordmeer; Island; Ostsee; Lappland