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Signatur: Ls 55
[Henry, David]:
An historical account of the curiosities of London and Westminster, in three parts. Part I. Contains a full Description of the Tower of London, and every Thing curious in and belonging to it. Part II. Contains the History of Westminster-Abbey, from its Foundation to the present Time; with its Antiquities, Tombs, and Inscriptions. Part III. Treats of the Old Cathedral of St. Paul's and the New; together with a full Account of the Monument, London-Stone, the City-Wall, Gates, and other antique Remains. Part 1 - 3 (in 1 Bd.). - London: Printed for J. Newbery 1765-1767.

Der London-Reiseführer von David Henry (1710-1792) berichtet in drei Teilen über den Tower of London, die Westminster-Abbey und St. Paul's Cathedral. Die erste Ausgabe erschien anonym London 1753-1756.
Reiseorte: England; London

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